LED components

Our partner Cupower offers a very extensive product portfolio of drivers, LED modules and smart controls for the lighting industry. In addition to the products for the European market (also with ENEC approvals), we also offer an extensive portfolio for the American market. Here we have UL and UR certificates.


There is a lot of work behind every successful product, regardless of the business area. Developing a successful product requires not only good intuition, but also research, planning, reflection, business profiling and much more. Our challenge is to provide you with the best components for your lighting project.


ZX-QD40B Compact driver SELV

Compact constant current driver with current selection by DIP switch
High efficiency, low ripple. ENEC certified.


ZX-CG45B Independent driver SELV

Independent constant current driver with integrated strain reliefs. Current selection by DIP switch


Investments in our products are worthwhile. Their careful development ensures that our components have an exceptionally long service life. This will establish your lighting projects as a success story in the lighting industry market.